Travel Thoughtfully

On one of our trips abroad, we came across a phrase that deeply resonated with us: travel thoughtfully. This simple phrase is actually quite powerful, and it captures our philosophy of travel from preserving the environment to respecting and learning from differences in cultures.

We take pride in being a Vancouver Island company, so we know it’s important to minimize our impact on this delicate, unique environment. Operating a business requires many decisions that can have significant consequences for our surroundings. At VIE, we carefully consider how to minimize our footprint with each decision we make so that we can be as environmentally sustainable as possible. We partner with companies and individuals who share this same philosophy and passion for the environment. Our goal is to participate in nature, not take it over. By leaving only our footprints behind, we ensure that Vancouver Island will continue to be a pristine place to visit for years to come.

Travelling thoughtfully also speaks to the respect we give to the local cultures and people. It’s easy to pass judgement when introduced to different cultures. We ask our guests to be respectful of these differences and participate without judgement. We aim to have our guests engage in our local cultural experiences and take home anything that resonates with them.