About Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is located along the west coast of Canada, about 38 nautical miles (70 kilometres) from the metropolitan Vancouver area. The Island is known for breathtaking nature, rich history and varied culture.

The natural beauty of Vancouver Island offers pristine ocean views, sandy beaches, craggy inlets and rugged mountains. The Island has outdoor adventure for everyone, from kayaking and deep-sea fishing to hiking and camping.

You can trace the Island’s rich history back to the First Nations’ settlements, the earliest European explorers and the settlement of the Hudson’s Bay Company traders. More recently, the Island’s history has been built by the fishing, mining and forestry industries. One walk through a dense rainforest, a coastal path or a quaint unassuming village will let you experience this unique history.

The Island’s diverse culture is a very important part in creating its unique sense of place. The First Nations heritage and traditions have a deep significance on the Island and influences much of the history, culture and society. The Island’s fertile valleys, mild climate and rich farmland make food production a strong part of the Island’s culture. There is an abundance of delicious homegrown goods and produce that you can taste almost all year round! From locally produced cider and honey to organic meats and fresh seafood, there is a delectable treat for even the most discerning foodie.

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