Our Story

At certain points in our lives, we have opportunities to make a dramatic changes in our lifestyle. In our case, this moment of change came shortly after the birth of our first child. Already preparing for a dramatic change in our lives, we decided to venture down a new path and embark on an exciting adventure as a family. From this decision, Vancouver Island Expeditions was created.

Jenn, Soren and Leif Bogwald at Colliery Dam Park, Nanaimo BC

Jenn, Soren and Leif Bogwald at Colliery Dam Park, Nanaimo BC

The inspiration for Vancouver Island Expeditions (VIE) arose after a particularly memorable travel experience abroad. Once we returned home to Vancouver Island, we wanted to recapture and share that special feeling with visitors of this beautiful part of British Columbia. From this, we decided to form a company that combined our love of travel and detailed knowledge of the Island.

At VIE, we believe that travelling should be about experiencing a place in authentic and meaningful ways, rather than checking off places on a list. We create space for the unexpected, and we introduce you to a world you may never have known existed. We want each visitor to Vancouver Island to truly experience the journey and the in-between moments that make travelling so memorable.

When you visit Vancouver Island with us, we treat you like family. Our small group setting ensures you feel at home as soon as you set foot on the Island. Over the years, we have loved showing our out-of-town guests our favourite spots on the Island and we know what elements make for a perfect trip. You can take comfort knowing that the trip has been hand crafted with you in mind.

Let us show you our backyard and help you discover places that inspire stories!