Soren – Harvest Time at Chateau Wolff


Vancouver Island is a place to visit for people of all ages. Join Soren as he tells us about some of his amazing adventures right here on Vancouver Island!


Papa knows that I love grapes.  All summer he brought me grapes from his house.  They are so sweet and yummy.  So when daddy asked if I’d go with him to pick some grapes at Chateau Wolff Estate Winery I thought I’d spend the whole day eating grapes!  I was excited to see soooo many grapes on the bushes. BUT we weren’t allowed to eat them, I tried one, and spit it out because it had seeds in it!  Papa makes nicer grapes to eat.  I guess these ones are for wine.  I don’t drink wine as I’m not tall enough.  Maybe when I’m taller I can go on one of daddy’s tours!

IMG_8316Daddy picked a lot of grapes and threw them into a big bin.  Where are they taking all those grapes?  Who is going to eat them?  The tractor came to pick up the big bins.  I LOVE TRACTORS.  The man asked me if I wanted to ride the tractor but I was so stunned I just stared and didn’t answer back.  Look at those wheels!  Later I saw where the tractor was going: to the processing plant!  They were throwing the grapes into a machine that spit out twigs.  It was really loud.

IMG_8332The grapes went downstairs into another machine.  This place is fun!  Lots of shiny bits and electrical cords (and lots of things I wasn’t supposed to touch).
We were all hungry and ate lunch outside on a big long table.  We even got juice boxes!  I played with some other kids for a bit, running around.  Juice always makes me a little silly!  Then it was time to go.  We had fun, I know we’ll be back.  I sure hope I get to see the tractor again!